High Speed Stamping of Connector Pins and Electrical Components

Working with market leading global customers and already recognised as one of Europe’s leading companies in the field of deep drawn pressing, Stroud Metal Co Ltd are also acknowledged as leading manufacturers of high speed stamped parts, plastic injection mouldings and over-moulded stamped connector pins and electrical components.

Supported by a team of highly skilled in-house toolmaking, design and process engineers, they can assist you with your new projects from concept to realisation. Stroud Metal have bolstered their in-house toolmaking with additional AGIE wire erosion capacity and BRUDERER high speed stamping machines, capable of production speeds to 1,200 strokes per minute at multiple parts per impression. With newly available capacity, they are now expanding their in-house manufacturing of high-speed piece parts and reel to reel progression stamping. Having recently relocated to a brand new £6m purpose-built facility with plenty of available space for expansion, Stroud Metal also have facilities to provide barrel finishing, degreasing (cleaning) and electroplating.

If you have any new projects coming up or are looking for a second supplier, Stroud Metal will welcome your enquiries. Please contact Mark Smith ms@stroudmetal.co.uk

Further Investment Drives the Stroud Group to Success

The Stroud Group’s ongoing investment into state-of-the-art equipment continues at a pace. The company is continuing to develop it’s capability in many areas of the business utilising it’s Best in Class (BIC) business improvement tool.

Our ongoing capital investment program continues. Having moved in to our new £6M purpose-built factory just prior to the pandemic we have now begun to assess our ongoing requirements to enable us attain our goal of being a best in class supplier to our customers and the markets that we serve.

Stroud’s recent investments include £176k on a Agie Cut P 550 Pro wire eroding machine and a Agie Drill 20 fast hole burner. This investment is aimed at our tool room to enable us to increase our capability including the in-house production of progressive die stamping tools and plastic injection moulding tools.

It is Stroud’s intention to make the right kind of investment to drive the company forward for the mutual benefit of both ourselves and our customers. We aim to make Investments that continue to increase capacity, improve efficiency and take us in to new markets.

As we move forward with our BIC program investments will be required to continue to improve capacity, capability and efficiencies. The investments will be targeted at both plant and our employees, who are key to our success, and to ensure that we can derive the maximum benefit from these investments.


Sustainability is at the core of our The Stroud Group of companies ethos and as such we are utilising buy in from the Group leadership to incorporate sustainability into the fabric of our operations as we transition to a low-carbon energy future with renewable energy and minimised waste streams.

We have already managed to achieve some big wins in out drive to become more environmentally friendly. As a result of relocating to our brand new a purpose built production facility, we have achieved:-

  • 95% reduction in gas consumption
  • 100% conversion to low energy LED lighting
  • 100% reduction of surface water discharge to drains
  • 100% recycling of waste metals, plastics, cardboard and wood

We continue to strive for even more by utilising our Best in Class business improvement programme and have set some ambitious targets. We have reviewed and reset our targets for 2025 which are now to:-

  • Exclusively use 100% renewable electricity
  • Achieve 25% on-site electricity generation
  • Ensure our manufacturing site is zero waste-to-landfill
  • Reduce carbon emissions from our operations by 25%

Matthew Large, group Managing Director said, “Not only is this the ethically and socially responsible way to manufacture, but it also makes sound business sense. Potential customers who share the same aspirations as the Stroud group of companies will hopefully see this as a method of achieving sustainability targets for both themselves and their supply chain.”
Should your mission be to increase your organisations levels of sustainability whilst purchasing from a world class manufacturer, then we would love to hear from you. Please contact Mark Smith on 07739 663251 or ms@stroudmetal.co.uk.

Stroud Metal’s hose ferrules bring a breath of fresh air

Rising to the challenges presented by the Covid19 virus, Stroud Metal Co Ltd who manufactures a wide variety of volume deep drawn hose ferrules for pneumatic and hydraulic applications, have been able to supply hose ferrules from stock to assist a consortium including companies such as GKN, JCB, Meggit, Unipart and Rolls-Royce to help build 8,000 ventilators which the U.K. desperately needs to fight the virus and help those critically affected survive.

Matthew Large, Managing Director of the group of companies, which includes Stroud Metal Co and Stroud Plastics Co, said “We are immensely proud to be able to immediately respond to this call for assistance.  We have, for many years, produced a wide range of metal and plastic components for the medical devices and diagnostics sectors.  We must give thanks to our fantastic employees and sub-contractors who have really risen to the significant challenges presented at this very difficult time for the company, themselves and their families”.

Rapid prototypes, Rapid in-house toolmaking, Volume in-house production

As we all find ourselves at a time of global crisis, it is now more than ever before that we need to support new initiatives designed to bring to market new medical components required to fight Covid19

Working closely with RPS Ltd, the leading UK producer of rapid prototype 3D stereolithography equipment, Stroud Plastics are able to obtain prototype samples generally within 48hours. The in-house injection mould toolmaking of Stroud Plastics, normally means that we can design and manufacture basic injection mould tooling within 6-8 weeks (subject to available capacity) and can then immediately proceed to full scale volume production. However, multi-cavity hot runner injection mould tooling tends to take a little longer to manufacture and develop.

Despite the current Covid19 crisis, supported by a team of 70 dedicated and motivated employees, the new purpose-built factory of Stroud Plastics, is running at full tilt, 24 hours a day to manufacture advanced medical and electronic plastic injection moulded products for consumption across the globe.  To support the plastics production, Stroud Metal Co Ltd manufactures high volume precision light and deep drawn metal pressings and highspeed stampings, some of which are over-moulded in plastic. Together the two companies share extensive tool design, toolmaking, purchasing, logistics and quality facilities.

If you should feel that we can support your requirement for injection mould tools and plastic parts, please in the first instance contact Mark Smith ms@stroudmetal.co.uk and he will manage your project from initial enquiry to mass production.

The Stroud Group – Helping Defeat Corona Virus

At the Stroud group we are at the forefront of helping in the battle against Coronavirus (Covid19). We have a full order book and are producing stamped, deep drawn and plastic component as normal.

Helping bolster the order book are critical components for the medical industry used in the drive to produce ventilators for the NHS and it’s battle against the virus. Medical components are prioritised and we are working diligently to ensure that our customers get these vital components, and as a consequence the ventilators that any one of us may desperately need.

Our sincere thanks go to the subcontractors, suppliers and of course our hardworking employees during this turbulent time.

Aside from the medical market, other customer orders are very buoyant and we have order coverage to indicate we may well have our best month on record. Of course, we are not complacent and are not completely isolated from the pandemic, so we have put in place a robust disaster recovery plan which includes deep clean of equipment at shift end and split shifts to ensure that we should have enough key skills available.

The Stroud group are working hard and continually reviewing plans based upon the current situation and latest Government advice. We will be here throughout this crisis and thereafter. Should your business need our support do not hesitate to get in touch with Mark Smith ms@stroudmetal.co.uk or 07739 663251. We will support you whether you are a customer who needs components or a competitor struck down with the virus and need continuity of supply. You rest assured your business will return to you when you are ready.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

At the Stroud Group we are taking the current pandemic very seriously.

Although there has been no disruption to production in either our Metal or Plastic business streams, we have drawn up contingency plans to ensure continuity of supply to our valued customers. As with most IAFT TS16949 certified companies, we have a disaster recovery plan ready to implement should circumstances demand.

We are working hard to ensure we can contain any outbreaks and protect any vulnerable employees. Further, and where reasonable, we are converting material to product ahead of customer schedules so that we can ensure shipments in the future.

If you have any requirements or need support with interim production, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mark Smith ms@stroudmetal.co.uk or on +44 7739 663251

New Factory Pays Dividends for The Stroud Group

New factory, significant new customers and projects pay massive dividends for The Stroud Group of Companies.

August 2019 was a transformative time for the Stroud group of companies. By the end of August 2019 both Stroud Metal Company and Stroud Plastics Company had amalgamated on to one purpose-built facility. However, that was just the start!

Over the following months The Stroud Group embarked upon their strategy to take fullest advantage of their new factory. “First order of play was to re-PPAP all products for our customers” said Matthew Large, Managing Director of Stroud Metal and Stroud Plastics. “Then came numerous customer audits ranging from basic compliance audits to full-scale VDA audits. We took the outcomes and actions from these audits along with our own requirements, to develop a Best in Class (BIC) Business Improvement Plan” continued Large.

The following months have seen the implementation of this plan to drive the company towards being best in their class and markets. The strategy is still in its infancy, but significant improvements have already been made. “In truth, the plan will never be completed. It’s part of our continuous improvement program and will be constantly reviewed, revised and updated” said Mr. Large.

The Group has already seen substantial benefits from actions taken, with a number of significant new projects for new and large “blue chip” customers. The first was for a multi-billion Dollar Global corporation that collaborated with Stroud to redesign a metal component, a corresponding plastic component and the assembly of the two. The result was a redesign and update of a current product for the customer. With annual volume of up to 10 million units per year, the project was vindication of Stroud’s strategy to bring both metal and plastic business streams together on the same site. Stroud receive additional income and margin from the added value work and remove both cost and risk for the customer.

Several other major projects are in the offing with a large new customer transferring a large quantity of production tooling to the Stroud site as part of a long-term supply agreement, three major deep draw projects for a global Tier 1 Automotive customers and a development project involving a major European grant consortium which was successfully rated No1 in Europe from the thousands of bids received. The latter will see significant new infrastructure and machinery installed in the new factory providing the group of companies with additional clean-room production capabilities and resource.

“Since moving in to the new site in Q3, 2019 we have become busier than ever and have a large number of projects to mobilise.” Advised Mr. Large.

Stroud Metal Co relocate to Brunel Way, Stonehouse

After years of planning and some 43 weeks of construction since first breaking ground on their new site in Stonehouse, the brand new, purpose-built combined factory for Stroud Metal Company and Stroud Plastics has been completed both on time and within budget. As such the relocation process is well underway.

The first batch of 20 presses and their ancillary equipment has already been moved in to the new facility. Only 2 weeks after being stopped at the old site in Dudbridge, the presses are back in production in Stonehouse. There has been a massive effort put in by all the team at Stroud Metal and the results are truly fantastic! The second batch of equipment will be transferred to the facility in 2 weeks, with Stroud Plastics starting their relocation process on 29th July.

The Administration department, Quality department, Warehouse and Logistics and Tool-Room have already been installed and are benefiting from the purpose-built premises which offers an enhanced working environment. The production areas have been specifically designed to offer optimised production efficiencies.

By the end of August, both Stroud Metal Co Ltd and Stroud Plastics Co Ltd will be co-located and fully operational in their new home and looking forward to welcoming both potential new and existing customers to view the new facility and discuss both existing and new projects. 

Throughout September and October, the team at Stroud will be offering introductory meetings and tours of the new facility by way of a series of “Open Days”. If you would like to visit or attend an Open Day then please contact Mark Smith on ms@stroudmetal.co.uk who would be delighted to introduce you to the Management and Technical team at the Stroud Group of companies and discuss any projects or opportunities you may have.

Stroud Metal Ltd up-dates to new IATF TS16949

Stroud Metal Co Ltd are pleased to announce that they have now completed the transition from ISO TS16949 to IATF TS16949. There are strong benefits and implications of this new specification and standard, not only to the Automotive sector but also for all other customers and organisations who wish to focus upon risk mitigation to ensure their supply chain is both secure and robust.

The older ISO specification concentrated upon dimensional and procedural adherence, whereas the newer IATF TS16949 specification to which Stroud Metal are now certified, is to ensure that risks are also mitigated. These “risks” include but are not necessarily restricted to:

• site location
• site condition and
• most importantly, site potential for growth

Stroud Metal’s new £6M facility at Stonehouse addresses and surpasses these requirements and has been conceived and constructed with these needs in mind. In addition, Stroud Metal’s ability to combine both stamped metal components and injection moulded plastic components within the same assembly further reduces both cost and risk all existing and prospective customers alike. The new world class facility will ensure that the Stroud group of companies are “the” U.K. based front runner and go-to choice for the large 1st and 2nd Tier Automotive suppliers and wider blue chip manufacturing organisations for the supply of metal and plastic components as well as assemblies enabling these organisations to both reduce risk and cost within their supply chains.

Mr. Large, Managing Director of both Stroud Group companies, said “It is our belief that the new IATF TS16949 spec will add further focus upon a reducing number of key players within deep drawn, high speed stamping and injection moulding markets and can only enhance our position as one of Europe’s leading companies within the markets that we serve.”