First Fit has commenced

We have already taken several groups of existing customers around the brand new bespoke factory to house both Stroud Metal and Stroud Plastics and the first thing they say is, WOW!

The factory is both now water and weathertight and the first-fit has commenced. As can be seen from the photographs, the office pod is now externally complete and the fit-out has started. Air conditioning ductwork has been completed, the electrical power transformer has been installed, the factory floor has been laid and polished to perfection and the internal walls are being constructed. It’s really hard to keep up with the speed of progress and every day brings excitement and positive news.

The construction work continues at pace and in some areas we are actually ahead of schedule. This week, the roller-shutter doors are being fitted and the gas, water, electricity and telecoms connected. The week after next, the gantry cranes and space heaters will be raised into position. Over the following 2 weeks, the bus-bars and compressed air pipework fitted, warehouse racking installed and the concrete yard and entrance road will be laid.

We are still on schedule to relocate our offices to the new site on 14th June, with the rest of the factory starting its transfer on 17th June. Meanwhile, both the existing Stroud Metal and Stroud Plastics factories are flat-out making stocks of customer parts to ensure that we are able to ensure continuity of supply, regardless of having to turn off the machines for a short while to move them to the new factory.

Our Quality team are poised, ready to conduct PPAP on all new production parts once the machines have been transferred. This will be the hardest part of the entire exercise. In comparison to this, the construction of the building and the machine moving is the easy bit!