Further Investment Drives the Stroud Group to Success

The Stroud Group’s ongoing investment into state-of-the-art equipment continues at a pace. The company is continuing to develop it’s capability in many areas of the business utilising it’s Best in Class (BIC) business improvement tool.

Our ongoing capital investment program continues. Having moved in to our new £6M purpose-built factory just prior to the pandemic we have now begun to assess our ongoing requirements to enable us attain our goal of being a best in class supplier to our customers and the markets that we serve.

Stroud’s recent investments include £176k on a Agie Cut P 550 Pro wire eroding machine and a Agie Drill 20 fast hole burner. This investment is aimed at our tool room to enable us to increase our capability including the in-house production of progressive die stamping tools and plastic injection moulding tools.

It is Stroud’s intention to make the right kind of investment to drive the company forward for the mutual benefit of both ourselves and our customers. We aim to make Investments that continue to increase capacity, improve efficiency and take us in to new markets.

As we move forward with our BIC program investments will be required to continue to improve capacity, capability and efficiencies. The investments will be targeted at both plant and our employees, who are key to our success, and to ensure that we can derive the maximum benefit from these investments.