New factory takes shape

The new purpose built factory for Stroud Metal and Stroud Plastics has started to emerge. After only 3 days, the office pod and the end gable are virtually complete. A new truck load of steel arrives every 2 days and immediately gets erected.

It’s not until now that we start to visualise how big the new complex will be and how much more productive space has been generated.

Hidden corners and inefficient spaces will soon be things of the past and be replaced by a bright and airy factory, purpose built to optimise production efficiencies. What a transformational change this will be for the Stroud Group!

Thanks to the team at Stroud, the factory layout has been designed to eliminate unproductive waste and offer plenty of space for expansion for both Stroud Metal and Stroud Plastics. Moving from a combined space of about 43,000sqft to a new factory of 62,000sqft plus a further availability of 25,000sqft of expansion space will be transformational for Stroud Metal and Stroud Plastics, providing for cleanroom assembly and packaging and specialist cleaning facilities, plus the ability to accommodate new press equipment when required.