Stroud Group Invest in Plastic Moulding Technology

Stroud Group of Companies are pleased to announce continued investment in the Groups Plastic Injection Moulding facilities with the ongoing replacement and strategic purchase of a range of new Plastic Injection Moulding machines.
The Group of Companies which includes Stroud Metal Company, a high-volume manufacturer of Deep Drawn metal pressings has in place an on-going program of plant renewal and capital investment, ensuring customers receive cost efficient and quality products.
The recent investment has included a 60t, 90t and a 150t range of Haitian Zeres presses, Haitian offer a tremendously flexible Hybrid moulding machine based on electric technology and equipped with integrated energy-efficient hydraulic units. Also, a 160t and a 320t Haitian Mars Series 2 machines which offer highly optimized servo energy-saving technology, with improved efficiency and lower energy consumption.
The group has also invested in the replacement of Boy 25t and 35t machines, two trusty workhorses adding repeatable performance within the smaller component range.

Cotsworld Plastics have over 40 years’ experience in the injection moulding sector and have built up an excellent reputation for being the “Go To” company for complex, high end technical parts, miniature mouldings, metal insert components and lead frame over mouldings to exacting standards. The company support our clients throughout all stages of production, from assistance with CAD/CAM design, incorporating 3D printing, to technical advice on engineering plastic polymers.
Cotsworld Plastics was purchased by the Stroud Group in 2016. Mr Matthew Large, Owner of the Stroud Group of Companies (Dudbridge Estates) describes the purchase of the Plastic Moulding division as “With customers wishing to both eliminate cost and risk from their supply chains whilst ideally reducing the number of suppliers, the parent company of Stroud Metal has acquired a specialist plastic injection moulding company with over 40 years’ experience specialising in over-moulding of high volume stamped metal lead frames and individual metal parts.”
The continued investment in the Plastics division hold the Group in a good position to grow its market share within both the Plastics, metal components and metal/plastic over-moulded manufacturing sectors.
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