Stroud Metal Ltd up-dates to new IATF TS16949

Stroud Metal Co Ltd are pleased to announce that they have now completed the transition from ISO TS16949 to IATF TS16949. There are strong benefits and implications of this new specification and standard, not only to the Automotive sector but also for all other customers and organisations who wish to focus upon risk mitigation to ensure their supply chain is both secure and robust.

The older ISO specification concentrated upon dimensional and procedural adherence, whereas the newer IATF TS16949 specification to which Stroud Metal are now certified, is to ensure that risks are also mitigated. These “risks” include but are not necessarily restricted to:

• site location
• site condition and
• most importantly, site potential for growth

Stroud Metal’s new £6M facility at Stonehouse addresses and surpasses these requirements and has been conceived and constructed with these needs in mind. In addition, Stroud Metal’s ability to combine both stamped metal components and injection moulded plastic components within the same assembly further reduces both cost and risk all existing and prospective customers alike. The new world class facility will ensure that the Stroud group of companies are “the” U.K. based front runner and go-to choice for the large 1st and 2nd Tier Automotive suppliers and wider blue chip manufacturing organisations for the supply of metal and plastic components as well as assemblies enabling these organisations to both reduce risk and cost within their supply chains.

Mr. Large, Managing Director of both Stroud Group companies, said “It is our belief that the new IATF TS16949 spec will add further focus upon a reducing number of key players within deep drawn, high speed stamping and injection moulding markets and can only enhance our position as one of Europe’s leading companies within the markets that we serve.”